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"I studied with David for about 8 months. Although proficient on keyboards, a singer and songwriter; I had never learned the guitar. I knew a lot about the guitar by osmosis, but technically was green. David let me look at the guitar in a whole new way, using infinite variations on basic chords, showed me how to move and follow vocal melodies and challenged me to SEE what I was playing. All at the speed of thought." 

- Scott Rogness - Oscar Nominated Singer/Songwriter/Keyboardist/Guitarist; co-wrote and performed the songs featured in the movie "That Thing You Do"




"David is very effective in recognizing the current performance level of the student and crafting lesson content that builds on that level. He is focused on building a solid base of playing technique that can be applied to any style or genre of music the student is interested in playing. He emphasizes precise musicianship thru skills practices that incorporate aids such as the metronome, Band-in-Box . and demonstration. He reinforces reading skills in every lesson using a variety of songs of differing styles and complexities. His teaching philosophy includes an appropriate amount of discipline and repetition in completing the exercises and drills that serve the learning experience well. Working with David will enhance the skill and musical enjoyment of students of all levels."



"David is a serious and competent musician who also knows how to teach. Those are some important you should look for in a guitar teacher. It does you absolutely no good if your teacher can play 10x faster than Yngwie Malmsteen and create tone that would make Jimi Hendrix weep if he cannot tell you how to play a C major scale. It also does very little good to learn how the tensile strength of the nickle used in the strings affects tone from a GA Tech professor if he cannot show you where A# can be found on the G string. David will teach you about the guitar and how you can use it to make pleasant sounding music (if you are into that sort of thing). If you want someone to tab out songs and show you pentatonic scales, then he is not your guy. If you want to understand music and how to get your guitar to make the music that is in your head, then he is your man. The road is not short or easy. He will not waste your time with shortcuts that you will have to unlearn in a few years if you want to progress beyond power chords and tab. He will show you how to develop strength, coordination, and the knowledge to blaze your own musical trail. It is hard, but you will grow faster than you imagined you could. You can spend a year with a "music store" teacher and learn how to play a dozen or so songs that are kind of recognizable or you can spend that same year with David and get a solid foundation that will pave the way to allow you to play almost anything you want proficiently. It is your time and money, spend it how you please. I know that both of mine will be going to David in the foreseeable future."

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